Gudhi::skeleton_blocker::Skeleton_blocker_simple_traits Struct Reference

Simple traits that is a model of SkeletonBlockerDS and can be passed as a template argument to Skeleton_blocker_complex. More...


struct  Root_vertex_handle
 Global and local handle similar to boost subgraphs. Vertices are stored in a vector. For the root simplicial complex, the local and global descriptors are the same. For a subcomplex L and one of its vertices 'v', the local descriptor of 'v' is its position in the vertex vector of the subcomplex L whereas its global descriptor is the position of 'v' in the vertex vector of the root simplicial complex. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Gudhi::skeleton_blocker::SkeletonBlockerDS
typedef int boost_vertex_handle
 index that allows to find the vertex in the boost graph

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