OFF point set generator

Generates a pointset and save it in an OFF file. Command-line is:

off_file_from_shape_generator on|in sphere|cube|curve|torus|klein <filename> <num_points> <dimension> <parameter1> <parameter2>...

Warning: “on cube” generator is not available!


off_file_from_shape_generator on sphere 1000 3 15.2
  • Generates an file with 1000 points randomized on a sphere of dimension 3 and radius 15.2.
off_file_from_shape_generator in sphere 100 2
  • Generates an file with 100 points randomized in a sphere of dimension 2 (circle) and radius 1.0 (default).
off_file_from_shape_generator in cube 10000 3 5.8
  • Generates a file with 10000 points randomized in a cube of dimension 3 and side 5.8.