File formats

Persistence Diagram

Such a file, whose extension is usually .pers, contains a list of persistence intervals.

Lines starting with # are ignored (comments).

Other lines might contain 2, 3 or 4 values (the number of values on each line must be the same for all lines):

[[field] dimension] birth death

Here is a simple sample file:

# Persistence diagram example
2 2.7 3.7
2 9.6 14.
# Some comments
3 34.2 34.974
4 3. inf

Other sample files can be found in the data/persistence_diagram folder.

Such files can be generated with gudhi.SimplexTree.write_persistence_diagram(), read with gudhi.read_persistence_intervals_grouped_by_dimension(), or gudhi.read_persistence_intervals_in_dimension() and displayed with gudhi.plot_persistence_barcode() or gudhi.plot_persistence_diagram().